Structures and Custodial Services

The Structured Settlement Industry as a whole has been experiencing a protracted time of historically low interest rates. But at Medi-Bill, a firm that administers structured settlements, we continue to be very positive about the great value of structured settlements. Medi-Bill has experienced a remarkable increase in business in the past 7 years, and prior to that yearly increases in new accounts by at least 10% year to year. We are very busy. I believe our success is a result of being tried ….and found true. Why is it that Medi-Bill is the premier Custodial Medical Agreement provider? The answer is Medi-Bill understands that we have a single product to offer our clients, and that product is service. Medi-Bill makes certain our clients that have been injured on the job or through various accidents & mishaps obtain their prescriptions, physician care, and other medical needs in a timely and cost effective way. It starts with something as simple as a commitment to answer our phones before the second ring, but of course it does not end there, we also safeguard their future need medical dollars by utilizing individual FDIC insured Money Market Accounts. We do not use “pooled” investment funds to hold our clients’ money, we believe that kind of money management subjects the dollars that have been set aside to provide a lifetime of medical betterment to unnecessary risk.

Regarding Structured Settlements in general, we strongly believe that the utilization of structures is the best way to ensure a lifetime of medical betterment for injured individuals, even with today’s historically low interest rates. In fact, the CEO of Medi-Bill, Inc. provided key testimony in Federal Tort Claims Court 20 years ago that helped the Federal government overcome objections over the use of structures vs. lump sum settlements. The government won that day, and as a result structures are widely utilized in the successful settlement of FTCA and MCA claims.

At the same time we believe that those periodic payments provided though a carefully thought out structured settlement must be spent wisely. A structured settlement administered by Medi-Bill, Inc., has been proven to do just that, to make certain the funds set aside for medical care are indeed spent for medical care and not unwisely distributed for “wants” vs. “needs”.