Medicare Set Aside Administration

As the industry’s first custodian of Medicare Set Aside Agreements, Medi-Bill ensures that every MSA is administered to Medicare guidelines to help ensure continual and uninterrupted Medicare coverage.

Key Benefits:

  • Each MSA will have an individual FDIC insured account established
  • Payment of approved claims as outlined within the MSA
  • Negotiate & reprice claims when possible to increase account viability
  • Provide account reporting to appropriate CMS region/intermediary, and Beneficiary
  • Advise CMS and appropriate intermediary of temporary exhaustion of funds resulting in Medicare becoming primary coverage
  • Drafting of the Medicare Set Aside Custodial Agreement
  • If the Beneficiary of a particular MSA Custodial Agreement becomes deceased, at that time Medi-Bill will transfer any remaining funds into a FDIC insured Holding Account. This is done to protect the remaining funds from various potential lien demands until Medi-Bill can make the final distribution to the Estate of the Beneficiary or the Payor...or both (split reversion) depending on how the MSA Custodial Agreement cites the terms for final disbursement. During this time (from the date of death until the final distribution) no interest is earned on the funds, this is because either the bank does not offer any interest in lieu of unlimited FDIC insurance or the few banks that do offer interest can only have one taxpayer ID number assigned to the holding account which is Medi-Bill's and it becomes too awkward to reassign the tax burden (the interest rates are very minimal as well).