Medi-Bill, Inc. is a northern California based firm specializing in the administration of Medicare Set Asides and Custodial Medical Agreements. We are the industry’s oldest and most experienced firm offering medical administration services in conjunction with structured settlements.


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The One True Medi-Bill


Why are there so many "Medi-Bills" when I Google your company name?


Medi-Bill, Inc. or any form of the two words Medi and Bill are protected by Federal Trademark for our exclusive use only. This has been true for over 25 years, our exclusive use is incontestable. Yet, many flaunt the law and use our Tradename illegally. Please know that we put these firms that infringe on our exclusive right to the Tradename/mark Medi-Bill "on notice." Many change their names once they understand the situation (review our Trademark Registration). The others are small companies that appear to have little or no respect for the law.

We wanted you to know that you have found the "one and only" Medi-Bill.