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Since 1967, the most trusted option in professional administration

Medi-Bill, Inc. is the oldest and most experienced firm offering Custodial Services in conjunction with Structured Settlements. In fact, Medi-Bill was involved in the very first CMS approved Medicare Set Aside Agreement and is an approved provider of custodial services to the United States Department of Justice for claims that emanate from the Federal Tort Claim Act and the Medical Claim Act. The firm was established in 1967 by John Cressman, primarily as a Medical Insurance Claims administration service to individuals and bank trust departments. The firm was incorporated in 1972 and is owned by Skip Cressman and remains a closely held California Corporation with no outside partners or investors.


In 1986 the United States Department of Justice asked Medi-Bill, Inc. to serve as Medical Trust Administrator to various US Government Lifetime Medical Trusts that emanated from the Federal Tort Claim Act and Medical Claim Act litigation. Not long after, the United States Department of Health and Human Services approached Medi-Bill, Inc. to act as Medical Advisor/Administrator to their Vaccine Injury Trusts that emanated from the newly formed Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. Currently the firm acts as Administrator to hundreds of United States Government Lifetime Reversionary Trusts. Skip Cressman has provided sworn testimony in Federal Tort Claim court on behalf of the United States Department of Justice and their client the Department of Health and Human Services on several occasions regarding the benefits of Lifetime Medical Trusts v. lump sum settlements. Additionally, Mr. Cressman has participated as a panelist for ABA Seminars on the subject of Medicare Set Aside Allocations/Agreements.


Currently the firm is focused on providing Custodial Services for Medicare Set Aside Agreements (MSA)s as well as General Needs Custodial Medical Agreements (CMA)s. Today, the successful settlement of an injured worker’s claim often will require the establishment of an MSA. Many of those same injured workers will not have the ability to, or may elect not to accept the responsibility to correctly administer their MSA, and will therefore require a competent Custodian (Medi-Bill) to administer their MSA utilizing a Medicare Set Aside Custodial Agreement. Medi-Bill currently provides Custodial Services to most large nationwide and smaller regional insurance companies offering Workers Compensation Insurance.


It is the intention of Medi-Bill and the many clients whom we serve to prevent Medicare from paying for medical services that are the result of on-the-job injuries.


  • The Torts Branch/Civil Division of the United States Department of Justice
  • The United States Air Force Office of Judge Advocate General
  • American Interstate Insurance Co.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
  • The Hartford Insurance Co.
  • Travelers Insurance Co.
  • Pinnacol Insurance Co.
  • FCCI Insurance Group
  • Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
  • State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • Allstate Insurance
  • The Kemper Insurance Company