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Medicare Set Aside

Medi-Bill, Inc. is a privately held family business with no outside investors or partners. We are not owned by or affiliated with any brokerage firm, life company, law firm or provider of medical services. We are free to use completely objective discretionary decision-making processes in administering the agreements we are appointed custodian to- this cannot be said of the vast majority of small and large firms that provide a similar service

Medicare Set Aside (MSA) accounts are established as part of the Medicare Secondary Payor Act in order to protect Medicare's interest when an injured party may rely on Medicare for payment of future medical stemming from a work-related injury. MSA accounts allow for coverage of services that are both related to the work injury and allowable under Medicare. If at any point the MSA account depletes, Medicare steps in and assumes coverage until the MSA is replenished with a supplemental deposit.

Further information regarding Medicare Set Asides can be found here:

Workers Compensation Medicare Set Aside Arrangements

General Needs Custodial Agreement

A General Needs Custodial Agreement (CMA) are typically established as a supplementary coverage for any services that fall outside the scope of a Medicare Set Aside. By utilizing both accounts together a CMA can allow for the payment of deductibles or co-insurance in the event the Medicare Set Aside exhausts. CMA accounts are fully customizable and can pay for a host of services as the settling parties deem necessary. A CMA can also be utilized when future medical is needed but when the settlement does not meet the criteria necessary to establish a Medicare Set Aside.

US Government Trust

Medi-Bill, Inc. serves as Medical Trust Administrator to various US Government Lifetime Medical Trusts that emanated from the Federal Tort Claims Act and Medical Claims Act litigation.

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