Medi-Bill, Inc. provides professional Custodial Medical Agreement Services. Most often the firm is asked to serve as Custodian to custodial medical agreements (MSAs and CMAs) that emanate from the settlement of a variety of claims such as Worker's Compensations Claims and General Liability Claims. Following are specific aspects of the services we provide.

  1. Medi-Bill will, upon acceptance of the custodial duties, contact the beneficiary of the Custodial Medical Agreement and advise them how to utilize their account with Medi-Bill. We will give the beneficiary our toll free number and fax number, and we will provide an ID card which they can present to their medical providers for billing purposes. If prescription drugs are an allowable benefit, we will also provide a prescription drug ID card for direct, discounted billing by a participating pharmacy.
  2. Medi-Bill carefully reviews and summarizes all provisions of the custodial medical agreement and assigns an experienced administrator to oversee the agreement administration.
  3. The custodial medical agreement funds will immediately be deposited in an individual account. Most often FDIC insured money market accounts are used as the investment media.
  4. During the life of the agreement, all benefit requests will be reviewed to ensure that they are within the scope of the agreement. Medi-Bill administrators will negotiate with providers to obtain the best pricing on behalf of the beneficiary including repricing each claim against applicable statutory requirements to ensure a fair and reasonable fee for medically related services.
  5. When the account reaches termination as per the specifications in the agreement, any remaining funds will be distributed as instructed in the agreement, and the account will be closed.